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The Playable Races

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Author Topic: The Playable Races  (Read 1276 times)
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« on: January 27, 2009, 11:20:27 pm »

Sigma features five distinct races that operate radically different from each other. Not all the races play like those in A2, and diversity is a focus of developing the factions in Sigma. Each race has a distinct culture, personality, goal, and different objectives to worry about when managing them. Here now are the races that players will come to command.

I. The Zevestivan Empire
II. The Vederiction of Resource Alliance (V.R.A.)
III. The Sov Consortium
IV. The Mylock Regime
V. The Ekoset Union

Zevestivan (Zeh-ves-tee-vahn)
Racial type: Reptilian
Homeworld: Eurokan
Faction color: Crimson
Playstyle: Balanced, Traditional tactics.

Overview: The Zevestivan are a tall reptilian race inhabiting the closer planets to Horovinian space. Typical males are characterized by dark grey skin with turquoise snouts. They stand nearly 8 feet tall and are usually much more muscular compared to Horovinians. Females of the species are generally teal with greenish snouts. Females are incredibly more muscularly built compared to male Zevestivan. Zevestivan are notable for being incredibly resistant to radioactivity.
History: The Zevestivan have built up a stable government known as the Eurokan Empire (Referred to as the Zevestivan Empire by the V.R.A.). They are relatively hostile towards Horovinians, though recent translations between the two languages have led to a massive decrease in fatal skirmishes. The males totally dominate the political aspect of their society, while the females; being much more physically fit then the males, make up the Empire's bulk of military forces. Sexual equality is unheard of in their society, males treat females as property, and there are very few cases of females taking over a political position. The Eurokan Empire is governed by the High Monarch who sees to everyday affairs. Under the High Monarch's command are twelve half-monarchs, who oversee other affairs that the High Monarch cannot attend to. The Zevestivan as a whole are a highly religious people, many of them exhibiting zealous behavior towards their creed.

Technology: The Zevestivan rely on relatively basic tech by the other race's standards. Their ships are powered by nuclear reactors and rely on nuclear energy volleys as their primary weapons.

Playstyle Details: The Zevestivan play as most traditional sides in an RTS and will be familiar to anyone who has played stock A2. They have the basic class types (scout, destroyer, cruiser, battleship etc) and build bases and harvest resources in a normal manner. They are the easiest side to pick up and play and are relatively straightforward.

Architecture: The visual style of the Zevestivan is dark, spiky, and imposing. They were designed to have a very gothic and evil style of ship scheme. Sources of inspiration for their design were numerous crustaceans such as crabs and lobsters.

- Ships are generally well balanced.
- Ships are well armed and can deal good damage.
- Unmatched forward firepower.

- Ships have wide turn arcs and clumsy maneuverability.
- Fleets are vulnerable to attacks from behind due to lack of rear firepower.
- Lacks good defensive systems.

For more information about the Zevestivan, visit their faction detail thread: link


V.R.A. (Vederiction of Resource Alliance)
Racial Type: Mammalian
Homeworld: Horovine
Faction Color: Muted Olive
Playstyle: Long range harassment, counters

Overview: The Horovinians are a militaristic race who display diverse qualities in given individuals. Horovinian males are generally slightly stronger then females though their general builds are similar.

History: The Horovinians have established themselves as the Vederiction of Resource Alliance, a society run by the military who's goal is to ensure the successful preservation of the Horovinian race through expansion and the security of resources. The V.R.A. is controlled by a high ranking General, who has other generals under his command to decentralize management of forces. United under a common purpose, moral issues and conflict among humanity is rare.

Technology: The V.R.A. rely on relatively basic tech by the other race's standards. Their ships are powered by Xenon/Ion cores and are relatively efficient. The V.R.A. are the only race that relies heavily on ballistic and physical weapons rather then a form of energy.

Playstyle Details: The V.R.A. plays similar to the stock races from A2, though they differ in several ways. The V.R.A focuses on well armed ships designed to harass enemy forces from far away, thus their ships have excellent artillery and can fire from a tremendous distance. All their ships can also be refitted and have expansion parts added on to them to fit into a certain role. The V.R.A. are also very efficient with military production and can add on to their shipyards to increase the number of ships being built at once. V.R.A. ships generally lack in maneuverability compared to the other races, and positioning fleets is crucial. In essence they play like any stock race, but with more focus on micromanagement.

Architecture: The visual style of the V.R.A. was designed to feel functional, cold, and dull. Geometric shapes as well as grey color and low saturation accompany their theme and overall the intent was to feel highly militaristic.

- Well armored ships and bases.
- Unmatched counter potential.
- Long range weaponry.

- Poor speed.
- Slow Base set-up.
- Lack of close combat weapons.

For more information about the V.R.A, visit their faction detail thread: link


Sov (Sahv)
Racial Type: Insectoid
Homeworld: Altmo Zigmas IV
Faction Color: Yellow
Playstyle: Rapid expansion and overwhelming numbers

Overview: The Sov are an insectoid race consisting of seven distinct sexes. Nothing is known of all of their characteristics, though only three are required for reproduction. "Male" Sov generally look similar to the "Female" Sov, save several internal organ variations. All Sov are characterized by a husky greenish-yellow exoskeleton, two large mandibles, and six assorted legs. Their eyes, even though multifaceted, are very poor unless exposed to blue light.

History: The Sov have established a powerful capital empire within their region of space. They are incredibly absorbed with obtaining wealth and thus exhibit extreme signs of greed. They have established a powerful commercial base known as the Consortium when translated, effectively sealing their fate with a corrupt but flexible government. Because of the nature and lack of knowledge of the Sov's seven different genders, it is often assumed the "males" are the dominant sex of their society, and that the other six sexes only serve as manual labor or reproductive use. The Sov are notorious for their habit of accumulating and distributing their resources wisely and effectively.

Technology: The Sov rely on moderately advanced technology compared to the other races. The Sov have mastered the use of electrical energy and their ships are designed to generate the product naturally. The Sov use electrical discharges as their form of weapons. In addition, the Sov are able to create dark matter trails between sectors, and their ships can link to this invisible rail and travel along them at faster then light speeds.

Playstyle Details: The Sov focus on spreading out everywhere rapidly and spamming huge numbers of tiny weak ships. Their bases tend to be very small but in numerous amounts. It's safe to say a Sov player has no main base but equally distributes production to his or her many outposts at key resource nodes. Expansion is vital to the Sov, as staying in one location is certain doom. The Sov also harvest resources extremely fast, and their ships are very cheap to build and summon into the current sector. A fast enough player can construct a huge fleet long before the other races can. Quantity over quality is the name of the game with the Sov.

Architecture: The visual style of the Sov was based heavily on circles. It was intended for them to feel exciting and ready to jolt, and the use of tesla and electrical generators on their ships helps accomplish that goal.

- Fast resource production.
- Overwhelming numbers of ships.
- Cheap cost of units.

- Ships are generally pathetic and can easily be destroyed.
- Horrible defense.
- Suffer in late-game scenarios.


Mylock (Mee-lock)
Racial type: Mechanical
Homeworld: Rings of Ganthrivor
Faction color: Teal
Playstyle: Stealth and Mobility

Overview: Being a reclusive race, not much is known of the Mylock's physiology. They are a completely mechanical life form down to a cellular level; thus they would appear much like a normal biological lifeform. All Mylocks possess glowing ‘eyes’ with green tints and a liquid pool of an unknown mass that reverberates whenever communicating audio. Their brains are incomprehensible, being made of completely non-carbon material they can generate plasma impulses throughout their body in the place of a nervous system. All Mylocks are able to control plasma fields to some degree. Unlike most biological races who are able to only perceive three cardinal direction dimensions (length, width, heigth), the Mylocks are able to perceive four and can thus travel in that direction.

History: Evolving in the rings of a barren world in space, the Mylocks are unlike any of the other races. Existing in a zero-g, sub-zero environment has made them far more resistant then the other races. Despite their mechanical properties, the Mylocks operate much like any other biological lifeform. The Mylocks have always been plotting to maintain indirect control of the galactic populace, subjugating other races without them even aware of the Mylock's presence. The Mylock, when presenting themselves politically, refer to themselves as the 'Regime.' Other then this nothing is known of their government or political agenda.

Technology: The Mylocks have superior tech compared to the other races. Since they are capable of perceiving a fourth directional dimension they are able to phase their ships as they travel, rendering them completely invisible to enemies. They require plasma energy to operate themselves and their ships, and as such use plasma as their primary weapons.

Playstyle Details: The Mylocks are a very mobile force, and must focus on using their superior tech in the realm of astrophysics to beat off the other races. Mylock ships are very sleek and generally have good firepower, but their agility comes at the price of being relatively easy to be destroyed. Mylock ships can barely take any hits before going down. Thus hit and run tactics and group fly-byes are effective strategies when playing as the Mylocks. In addition Mylocks can move their structures anywhere on the map by sacrificing their capabilities until they deploy again.

Architecture: The visual style of the Mylock was designed to reflect their godly understanding of physics and weird technology. Their ships are both angular and sleek at the same time, combining both the circle and triangle in many instances.

- Fast, sleek, and mobile ships with good firepower.
- Ships can become undetectable.
- Stations can relocate themselves.

- Weak resistance to enemy fire.
- Slower resource accumulation.
- Prone to being rushed early in the game.


Ekoset (Ee-koh-set)
Racial Type: Flora
Homeworld: Aravore III
Faction color: Purple
Playstyle: Defensive

Overview: While the general appearance of an Ekoset is largely unknown to the other races, it is known that they are an asexual plant race that dwells on a mass polluted planet known as Aravore. A precursor race destroyed the planet's ecosystem by polluting it beyond repair, but the Ekoset's ancestors benefited from the devastation and eventually evolved to their current state. Ekoset posses a highly sophisticated brain and nervous system. They communicate via spores, though through mechanical technology they can decipher and translate vocal language. In addition, due to their physiology they are obsessed with hexagonal shapes.

History: Taking after their world's extinct precursors, the Ekoset have developed a massive manufacturing society. Every world they touch eventually becomes polluted by their machines beyond environmental repair. They have established a space faring empire known as the Ulant Union when officially translated, their sole political goal is to secure more worlds to make room for spore nests. The Ekoset are obsessed with finding new and more effective means of manufacturing their infrastructure and weapons of war. Though not naturally hostile, the Ekoset have been known to attack other races that pry too far into their affairs.
Technology: The Ekoset have advanced technology compared to the other races. Being photosynthetic, their machines have also come to depend on solar energy. The Ekoset are masters at harnessing the energy of light, and have used it to employ their unique shield tech and laser weaponry. This ability to have shields on their ships makes their armies the most durable and allows them to take much more punishment in combat then the other races.

Playstyle: The Ekoset are the most unique race, and the hardest to play as. While other races need to expand their bases to secure resources, the Ekoset focus on staying in one location for most of the game. They have no series of stations, but have a single starbase that continually can be added onto and expanded upon. The Ekoset also consume vast quantities of resources, and thus they are very slow to build but their few ships are worth the cost and the wait. Ekoset ships are large, bulky, well armed, and well shielded. The fact that their race has regenerating shields that the others lack gives them a huge defensive boon, and though their ships usually only have one or two solar beams that are very slow to recharge, they are ridiculously powerful and often can one-shot most targets. Staying put, building up slowly, and crawling across the map with a handful of godly ships is the name of the game when mastering the Ekoset.

Architecture: The visual style of the Ekoset was designed to look massive and in relation to solar panels. Considering they rely on Light so much, that feeling of solar arrays is prevalent as well as their obsession with hexagonal shapes.

- Superior defense.
- Large, powerful, and well armed ships.
- Automatic resource generation.

- Lack of mobility.
- Expensive ships.
- Very slow to build.

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