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NPC Faction: The Jesmissic

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Author Topic: NPC Faction: The Jesmissic  (Read 239 times)
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« on: May 27, 2010, 01:32:20 am »

NPC Faction: The Jesmissic
General Information:
   A mysterious race with an even more mysterious origin, the Jesmissic are occasionally sighted in the Sintar Cluster becoming involved with fights. Virtually nothing is known of them, and communicating with them is considered impossible.
   While the Jesmissic are indeed shrouded in mystery, they are infamous for their liberal use of fighter craft. As such they can be difficult to fight despite the fact that their weaponry is sub-par. The Jesmissic are also notable for their experimentation with gravity and its manipulation. So great is their understanding of gravity that they have begun to create artificial black holes in the cores of stars. It is for this reason that they are considered dangerous and are are often attacked on site should they establish a base in solar orbit.

For more information about the Jesmissic, please see their wiki entry:

Notable People

It is unknown if there are any important individuals among the Jesmissic.

Jesmissic Units
The Jesmissic utilize an odd branch of technological development, and their ships usually are designed to carry many smaller ships. It's for this reason that the Jesmissic most often unleash massive hoards of fighter craft against their enemies.

Jesmissic Outpost

Constructs: Construction Vessel, Mining Vessel, Carrier
Info: Usually constructed in a minimal orbit of a solar body, the Jesmissic Outpost constructs all ships within a given sector.

1.  Construction Vessel

Info: The mainframe of Jesmissic operations, these construction ships build all stations required by a Jesmissic fleet.

2.  Mining Vessel

Info: Groups of these ships harvest resources needed to fuel Jesmissic operations in a given sector.

3. Carrier

Info: The primary Jesmissic ship, the Carrier unleashes hordes of fighter craft unto enemy fleets.

4. Hangar Bay

Info: A stationary base often built near an outpost, Hangars provide a staging ground for Jesmissic fighter craft.

5. Fighter Craft

Info: Officially marked as the Jesmissic's infamous icon, the fighter craft employed by them are many and numerous. Only the most well prepared fleets are able to deal with swarms of these annoying craft.
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