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News: Sigma is now available for download.
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1  Information / News / Moving to MSFC [9 - 21 - 10] on: September 21, 2010, 02:25:53 am
Due to a lack of activity here on these forums, Sigma related details, features, and announcements will take place on MSFC:

This site will remain here regardless, and hopefully activity will pick up after more progress on Sigma is complete.
2  Public Threads / Ideas / Re: Unused Fleetops stuff on: July 31, 2010, 12:47:44 pm
Hello, nice mod btw.

but I think you should remove the unused FO-Sods,Odfs.

I think it would make the isntaller smaller, and faster, so the mod would be more interesting  Cheesy

Hey there and welcome to the forums.
I was considering removing the odf's for the Beta, and in the end I will once I make sure those I take out don't cause any damage. For this last beta I did remove all the race specific textures though (saved about 200 mb of space). As far as SOD's go, overall they don't take up much space but I suppose every kb counts.

Anyways, great idea and it will be used for sure.
3  Information / News / Sigma goes Public [7 - 11 - 10] on: July 11, 2010, 04:20:04 am
After over a year of development, I am happy to announce the first version of Sigma available to the public. After several months of beta testing with members of FO, I feel that the game is currently in a form playable to most gamers. If you love sci-fi and real time strategy, I highly suggest taking a look into this. Since this is a demo, there's still much more content to be added (such as three more playable sides and more voiceovers). There's a lot in this demo, but still plenty more to come!

Where can I download?

What's included in this version?
- Two playable factions (The V.R.A. and Zevestivan)
- Multiplayer supported through GameSpy, Tunngle, and Hamachi services
- Ten maps for both single and multiplayer matches
- Over two hours of soundtrack composed by Monarchy One
- A strategy guide with pictures to help those unfamiliar with RTS games


- When playing on higher resolution settings, the intro movie will appear on the top left corner of the screen rather then centered.

- If using Windows Vista or Windows 7, when you first start Instant Action mode the game will be set to a nonexistant map. Simply select a map from the list to bypass this.

- When playing on Windows Vista or Windows 7, occasionally the game will crash when choosing RANDOM as your faction.

- Occasionally NPC stations and Destructable Asteroids will appear to have Ekoset Shield Generators despite the fact that they do not.

- The map Eurokan Prime occasionally crashes and/or causes massive lag spikes in multiplayer.

- Fighter craft sometimes fail to launch from the V.R.A's HQ Hangar. Ordering the Hangar to guard the HQ usually causes them to launch.

- The A.I. is still unstable. Occasionally on lower difficulty settings the A.I. will fail to build much resistance.

- Pathing and collision detection is still unstable. Occasionally ships will pass through corners of stations.

- Placing Fleet Operation specific objects in the Map Editor can cause crashes.

- When playing a multiplayer LAN game through Tunngle or Hamachi, occasionally the game will freeze for up to five minutes when trying to connect to the lobby. This usually only happens the first time you log onto a LAN game.

- Sometimes when exiting the game it will crash before returning to the desktop.


Project Director
The Undying Nephalim

3D modeling

The Undying Nephalim

The Undying Nephalim

Music Composed by:
Monarchy One

Beta Testing
Dominus Noctis

Voice Overs
Erin Grimsley
Duke Robear
Laura Blizzard
Unleash Mayhem
Bryan Stein
Tai Gochnour
Chasen Lindsey

FO Team
DOCa Cola

(If I forgot to credit you for some reason, please contact me asap so I can add in your name)

Sigma © 2001-2010 The Undying Nephalim. All rights reserved.
4  Information / News / Private Beta now available for FO users [6 - 3 - 10] on: June 03, 2010, 02:01:48 pm
Hello everyone. I am happy to announce that a private beta of Sigma is now available for Fleet Ops users. Currently the game is unbalanced, there's bound to be glitches, there are no voiceovers yet, and only Sigma specific maps function. But that's the whole point of betas is it not? If you want the refined experience (or simply don't have Fleet Ops installed) I'd suggest you wait until the official version is ready to ship as an .exe, however if you'd love to help refine and make this mod better, please feel free to download and test this out.

Anyways, here's the download link: Sigma - Beta 1.2

To install simply paste the data folder over your Fleet Ops 3.1.2 data folder.

Also as I mentioned only Sigma maps work. Playing on FO maps may cause crashes, and if not it's still virtually impossible to play on them since they cannot accommodate the massive size of some stations.
Here is a list of the Sigma maps:

1. Airahn ( 3 player, 1 NPC race)
2. Bayrco (4 player)
3. Bazandai (4 player)
4. Eurokan Prime (2 player)
5. Nimok (5 player, 1 NPC race)
6. Orgon's Corona (4 player, 1 NPC race)
7. Palreeuh Nebula Rift (5 players)
8. Peani (3 player, 1 NPC race)
9. Resource Zone Egamak 135 (2 player)
10. The Void (2 player)

Please report any bugs and glitches to

Thank you FO users, and a massive thanks to the FO devs and particularly Optec for all your help in making this idea come to life.

More information on Sigma can be found here: Sigma Wiki
5  Information / News / NPC Factions Strike Back on: May 28, 2010, 12:34:53 am
It's getting closer... Soon enough Sigma will be ready for it's first public release. Until then I feel it is a good time to show some of the exciting features that will show up.

A major goal since the inception of Sigma has been the inclusion of NPC Factions, Wildlife, and all sorts of doodads to color up maps. Space certainly is big, but these races don't fight in the void of deep space. Tons of celestial terrain and creatures inhabit the battlefield and bring life to all the maps.

So then, let's take a look at what creatures and horrors inhabit the space of the Sintar Cluster:

The Jesmissic
The first NPC race players may encounter on maps are the Jesmissic, a mysterious race made infamous for their massive use of fighter craft. Be sure to bring tons of flak to the fight, battleships will be torn up by the onslaught of swarming craft.

Swarming with fighter craft, the Jesmissic test out their latest technology in orbit of a star.

The Arkoids
Next up are the Arkoids, officially labeled as the Sintar Cluster's official cockroach. These hyper evolved bacteria multiply at an alarming rate and if provoked will swarm and attack virtually anything on map, even their own kind.

Say hello to the Arkoids, Sigma's resident Cockroaches.

Hoggers, or more commonly called "Hogs," are docile, gentle, and completely harmless creatures. Unfortunately, they'll swarm around the map's resource zones and make it impossible to mine. If players want to get resources they'll have to play pest control and exterminate these annoying beasts.

They may look ugly, but Hogs are totally harmless... until they hog all your resources.

An ultra aggressive celestial super virus of some sort, the Xilthu are giant mineral based creatures with limited intelligence but tons of raging hostility. While not technically living, they display common behavior patterns of most viruses by spreading around the map at alarming rates and exterminating everything that is not them.

The Xilthu will stop at nothing to make sure every last one of your pathetic ships is dust.

But wait, there's more...

In addition to the main NPC Races, there are other spacial beings you may encounter.

Spiralfos Colony

Massive collections of space worms and coral-like organisms, Spiralfos generate bright lights and make it difficult for visual and scanning equipment to operate when nearbye. Parking a pair of scouts inside a Spiralfos colony can effectively hide them from enemies until they decide to explore the area.

Parking a fleet in a Spiralfos colony will hide them from enemy sight.


These harmless creatures simply wander around the map and feed off of asteroids. They really are nothing more then eye candy and company for your lonely miners.

A happy little family of Ursanoids travel the sector in search of a new home.

Deep Space Spooks

In space.... weird shit happens. These phantom disks of doom send a chilling jolt down your spine when they start swarming by the hundreds over your screen and then simply vanish without a trace. Sensors can't pick them up, it's impossible to hit them with weapons, and whatever they are is completely unknown.

All alone in the dead of night, freaky stuff happens.

This is only a small sample of the NPC races and other wildlife that will show up in Sigma. Stay tuned for more revelations.

For more information on NPC Factions, check out the Faction Detail section of our forums.
6  Information / Faction Details / NPC Faction: The Jesmissic on: May 27, 2010, 01:32:20 am
NPC Faction: The Jesmissic
General Information:
   A mysterious race with an even more mysterious origin, the Jesmissic are occasionally sighted in the Sintar Cluster becoming involved with fights. Virtually nothing is known of them, and communicating with them is considered impossible.
   While the Jesmissic are indeed shrouded in mystery, they are infamous for their liberal use of fighter craft. As such they can be difficult to fight despite the fact that their weaponry is sub-par. The Jesmissic are also notable for their experimentation with gravity and its manipulation. So great is their understanding of gravity that they have begun to create artificial black holes in the cores of stars. It is for this reason that they are considered dangerous and are are often attacked on site should they establish a base in solar orbit.

For more information about the Jesmissic, please see their wiki entry:

Notable People

It is unknown if there are any important individuals among the Jesmissic.

Jesmissic Units
The Jesmissic utilize an odd branch of technological development, and their ships usually are designed to carry many smaller ships. It's for this reason that the Jesmissic most often unleash massive hoards of fighter craft against their enemies.

Jesmissic Outpost

Constructs: Construction Vessel, Mining Vessel, Carrier
Info: Usually constructed in a minimal orbit of a solar body, the Jesmissic Outpost constructs all ships within a given sector.

1.  Construction Vessel

Info: The mainframe of Jesmissic operations, these construction ships build all stations required by a Jesmissic fleet.

2.  Mining Vessel

Info: Groups of these ships harvest resources needed to fuel Jesmissic operations in a given sector.

3. Carrier

Info: The primary Jesmissic ship, the Carrier unleashes hordes of fighter craft unto enemy fleets.

4. Hangar Bay

Info: A stationary base often built near an outpost, Hangars provide a staging ground for Jesmissic fighter craft.

5. Fighter Craft

Info: Officially marked as the Jesmissic's infamous icon, the fighter craft employed by them are many and numerous. Only the most well prepared fleets are able to deal with swarms of these annoying craft.
7  Public Threads / General Discussion / Re: Fleet Operations has a new update! on: May 23, 2010, 12:23:00 am
Hehe indeed. I love all the glow effects and the explosion effects they've added in... not to mention they made the Romulans good at turtling with their cloaked turrets. The new explosion effects are being added into Sigma too. Speaking of, there should be an NPC race update for Sigma soon...
8  Public Threads / General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself! on: March 15, 2010, 05:26:12 pm
No worries... as soon as the nest release comes out (I really hope by the end of Summer, modeling is going by ridiculously slow as of late) then you'll have plenty to watch. The good news is that Sigma might not need a CD by that point...
9  Public Threads / General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself! on: March 11, 2010, 02:43:41 pm
Welcome to the forums Restram. Probably going to be quiet here for awhile until the next beta releases  Grin
10  Information / News / Demonstration on Youtube (1-31-10) on: January 31, 2010, 07:20:12 pm
After searching for a well made recording program I decided to make a small demonstration of Sigma. The video can be seen here on youtube:

It's getting closer... pretty soon the next demo will be ready to ship out...
11  Public Threads / General Discussion / Re: In reply to the downtime news on: January 22, 2010, 05:33:52 pm
Yeah things should speed up soon with luck. I've been making an effort to acquire an additional modeler or two since the only thing really keeping progress from flowing is completed 3D models.
12  Information / News / Downtime (1-12-10) on: January 12, 2010, 02:46:28 am
It seems the last few months have been a dry spell for the Armada community, and whether direct or indirect it's had influence over the speed of development of this mod. Until things are back in order I've begun to transfer over all assets from the A2 engine to the Fleet Ops engine developed by their internal team. The FO engine is just so much more flexible, and with their recent patch so many new features can be implemented that were not possible with A2 alone. If you are interested check out Fleet Ops at their website: You don't have to be a Trek fan to enjoy a damn good RTS.

Hopefully soon the flow of models and beta testing can resume. Until then hang tight, even though there are virtually no people on this site at this time...
13  Information / News / Sigma Wiki open to the public (8-1-2009) on: August 01, 2009, 07:24:57 pm
The site is far from finished, though I feel it's worth announcing that Sigma now has an official wiki. Feel free to browse around if you want. There's some tidbits about the plot and game play here and there but it won't be reliable until further in development:

14  Information / Faction Details / NPC Faction: Hoggers on: June 19, 2009, 09:47:53 pm
NPC Faction: ‘Hoggers’
General Information:
   Codenamed  “Hoggers” or more simply "Hogs" by the V.R.A, these gentle creatures often establish themselves in resource rich locations. Hoggers are large multicellular space born creatures that seem to lack brains or any sort of nervous system. 
   Hoggers often form colonies of dozens of individuals. There does not seem to be any gender among their species and it is unknown how they reproduce.  This race tends to feed on many of the ores used by other races in constructing ships, and as such they can become notorious pests for hogging resource sites (hence their codename). 
   Many Hoggers have accidentally been pulled into Folded Space Portals created in deep space and expanded themselves in civilized areas. Though they are not hostile, huge clusters of Hoggers will gather at harvesting sights and block mining ships from their duties. For this reason Hoggers are considered pests and are often exterminated when found in civilized areas.

For more information about the Hoggers, please see their wiki entry:

Notable People

The Hoggers have no individuals worthy of recognition.

Hogger Units
Hoggers are a completely biological race, and they themselves act as ships. Being docile by nature, Hoggers show no sign of any weaponry to use against attackers. In fact, Hoggers won’t even retreat if attacked. One well placed shot will often cripple or kill a Hogger instantly.

Hog Vacuole

Constructs: Hog Eaters, Hog Spores
Info: These larger Hogger beings seem to be a "collector" of some variety for resources acquired by the smaller, younger members of the colony. They may be massive, but they are totally harmless. Often killing off these creatures will end the growth of a Hogger colony in a particular sector.

1.  Hog Eater

Info: These often smaller and presumed to be younger Hogger beings move out in huge clusters to consume any resources in a given sector. Massive trails of these beings will help lead an annoyed player back to their source to deal with the problem.

2.  Hog Spores

Info: These tiny creatures are presumed to be newborn Hoggers. They seem to serve no purpose and do nothing but float around larger Hogger beings. It is unknown how they feed, as they have never been seen doing so without their parents.
15  Information / Faction Details / NPC Faction: Arkoids on: June 19, 2009, 09:29:38 pm
NPC Faction: Arkoids
General Information:
   Codenamed  “Space Bacteria” by the V.R.A, Arkoids are giant single celled space born beings that dwell in areas of space rich in nitrogen deposits.  These creatures are mostly found in deep space and away from civilized areas since they are unable to travel very far from their population hubs.  Occasionally though a reproductive Arkoid may tag along with a ship during a folded space jump and multiply like wildfire right in the heart of an empire’s territory.
   Arkoids are non-sentient and highly animalistic in behavior.  There does not seem to be any form of society among their species.  Most Arkoids live in families of several hundred and attack any other of their own species that is not part of their particular group.  Arkoid hostility is well known, they will also attack any starship that enters their domain and rip them apart.
   Arkoids technically do not have a military, however they do display primitive knowledge of warfare despite their limited intelligence.  Often if a colony of Arkoids springs up in a civilized area, they will organize themselves into waves of sixteen members and continually assault their current target until it is destroyed.  It is for this reason that Arkoids are rigorously hunted down if spotted in civilized areas.

For more information regarding the Arkoids, please visit their wiki entry:

Notable People

The Arkoids have no individuals worthy of recognition.

Arkoid Units
Arkoids are a completely biological race, and they themselves act as ships.  Arkoids often attack by ramming into their target and trying to rip it apart.  Some Arkoids are capable of generating a highly corrosive acid that they hurl at enemies.  Fortunately Arkoids are incredibly fragile an usually one well placed shot from any common weapon will kill them instantly.

Arkoid Reproductive Cell

Constructs: Arkoid Babies
Info: The hub of most Arkoid colonies, a reproductive cell can spawn children at an alarming rate. These large beings are often the main target of Arkoid extermination fleets as without it Arkoid concentrations die off.

1.  Arkoid Babies

- Melee
- Corrosive Volleys
Info: Offspring that has freshly split off from a reproductive, swarms of these cells often make up Arkoid fleets.  Most Arkoid Juveniles attack by ramming into enemy ships and ripping them apart, though some are able to fire projectiles from a distance.

Arkoid Adult

- Melee
-Corrosive Volleys
Info: Occasionally an Arkoid is able to survive long enough to grow into a truly monstrous cell.  It is for this reason that speed is urgent when dealing with an already establish Arkoid colony.  A fully grown Arkoid adult can cause tons of trouble even for well armed extermination fleets.

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